Effective Business & Life Coaching

Why Design?


The word design is both a noun and a verb.

As a noun “design”, among other things, means:
intention, plan, aim, scheme, and basic structure.

As a verb “to design” meanings include:
to concoct something, to simulate, to draft, to sketch, to fashion, and to design something.

In German, its mother language, the word design is spelled Gestaltung.
Gestalat – organized whole that is perceived more than the sum of its parts.


“Design is not a profession but an attitude”

Laszio Moholy  – Nagy

Bauhaus Profesor

Design is a mind-set.

Design is a way of thinking.

Design is a right to the joy of creation.

Design is the glue that holds different disciplines together.

Above all, Design is the process.

I use design methodologies and tools for coaching.

What & How

Using design as a methodology for coaching is very powerful.

It is simple.

It helps understand real motivations.

It encourages making and measuring small steps while leading to overall progress.

I use three design principles 3 E’s: Empathize, Envision, and Experiment to guide me throughout the coaching process.

Design is an agent of change that enables us to understand complex changes and problems, and to turn them into something useful.