Effective Business & Life Coaching

Why Coaching by Design?


There are four main things Design and Coaching have in common:

1. The process

First and most obvious is that both disciplines are in fact the process.

A process is a set of activities that interact to achieve a result.

In coaching I use design process where I go through steps

As coaches we do not tell clients what to do. We take care of the process.

We carry tools and knowledge that help navigate the process – by asking the right questions, by asking powerful questions, by being present, by active listening, by paraphrasing – basically using the most appropriate tool from many disciplines to help the client reach defined goal.

In Discover phase I work with the coachee to understand real drivers using different techniques to explore cause and effect relationships underlying a problem to move form so called symptom level to root cause.

In Ideate phase I help coachee to ideate and generate variety of options and shape solutions ready for testing.

In Prototype phase we prototype and test potential solution in real life situations. 

2. Multidisciplinary

Design borrow scientific and humanities
resources from other fields like
anthropology, psychology, biology,
sociology, literature, philosophy to adapt it
to better suit the design challenge.

We do the same thing in coaching – borrowing from other fields to better
suite individual challenge and help coachee
to reach the goal.

3. Focus on end user and


The focus of coaching is on the desired outcomes or results.

It focuses on where you are now, how you want to be, where you want to be and how you want to get there. 

In the coaching process focus is on coachee and the goal of the coaching process.

Coaching is very often about making impossible possible. It requires a great deal of determination and courage from Coachee. The whole process and practice of working on change/goal has to be focused! Mindless repetition is unproductive. For practice to be successful, it requires undivided attention and focus.

4. Iteration

Coaching is the process. Iterative one.

Iterative process – the process of doing something again and again, usually to improve it.


The Cambridge English Dictionary

During the coaching process, as you become more aware and more conscious, you are already changing. By changing yourself you are changing your environment and the whole ecosystem around you. Small changes lead to a bigger change and leading you to the goal you are aiming to achieve.

Each change triggers couple of other changes in you but at the same time
in your environment, since you are integral part of it.

Throughout the continuous process you iterate – going throughout the loop of:
discoveryideateprototype & testrefinement, and back again.

“Great design is the iteration of good design”.

M. Cobanli, the founder of OMC Design Studios

Iteration in coaching process allows easy incorporation of “lessons learned”

and gives better visibility of progress.