Effective Business & Life Coaching

About Me

My coaching journey started in 2009 when I had my first coaching session. I was a coachee.

Few years later I knew I wanted to go on the other side – to be a coach.

In 2016 I was certified as an Executive Coach by the Academy of Executive Coaching, London, UK. I am also: Points of You Practitioner, NPL Practitioner, and TA101 certified.

One thing I love the most about coaching is that it’s multidisciplinary – with constant need to learn and explore new disciplines and practices, build experiences and knowledge in order to consistently be on top of your game.

Another aspect of coaching, that I love, is working with people. Being a partner to the people that I coach, guiding them on their journey of becoming more creative and more inspiring persons and finding greater purpose in both life and work is so fulfilling and rewarding process.

When I am not coaching I work as a Customer Experience Consultant, enjoying time with my family, reading books, making banana smoothies or planning my next travel destination.

Being in the corporate world for over 20 years – investment banking, advertising and telco – gave me first-hand experience and insights on impact of creativity, purpose and happiness on overall success of the company. By connecting the dots from my own experiences and gaining new knowledge from some of the greatest minds of our time, helped me gain this invaluable insights.

It all comes down to one single point – it has to do with how our mind works. Whether it’s a private or business environment our mind searches for connection and trust.

I believe that we as a humans have an amazing capacity for creativity. It is our way of thinking, our models of reality and systems of behaviors that are holding us away from achieving our full potential for creativity and happiness.

My mission is to help individuals and companies land on the place of creativity, harmony and happiness, while achieving the goals that are meaningful and aligned with their purpose.