Effective Business & Life Coaching
What are 4 main things
Design and Coaching have
in common?
1. The process
2. Multidisciplinary
3. Focus on end user and result
4. Iteration

Why Coaching by Design?

Coaching is a form of development with someone who willingly engages in reflection and learning.

Design is an agent of change that enables us to understand complex changes and problems.

Individual Coaching

This type of coaching is by far the most effective one if you want to:

> Identify your values

> Reframe your perspectives

> Develop your personal plan

> Take your leadership skills and business to the next level

> Learn and grow as a person and as business leader

Team Coaching

If you want your team to learn how to:

> Lead for Innovation

> Increase Cooperation

> Develop Creativity

> Build Safety and Belonging within your team

> Work in a spirit of Creativity and Harmony

Latest Publications

> As adults, we need to relearn creativity!

> How gritty are you ?

> Psychological safety is on top of the list for creating successful teams

About Me

Hello, my name is Mirela Saračević Trogrlić.


I am an executive coach who works with teams and individuals helping them to reach their creative potential and design happiness and purpose in their private and business space.

In my coaching programs I combine and apply learnings from: coaching, design, psychology, mindfulness, and proven business success practice.

I use design methodologies and tools for coaching. 

My approach is holistic and pragmatic.


Improve Your Creativity. Today!
As soon as you share your creativity outside of the limitation of your personal space, you enter limitless unbounded potential of possibilities.

Start with something you can do today or this week, even if you can commit a few minutes to it.

How gritty are you?

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